…The scope of this book is incredible, and anyone who reads it emerges with a changed perspective and a deeper appreciation of these nightly gifts."
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
co-author, Extraordinary Dreams
  [Dreamwork] provides brilliant illumination into everyone's nightly journeys into the Dreamtime
Rita Dwyer
International Association for the Study of Dreams, Past President and Executive Officer

Author Biography

Leland Shields holds a Master's degree in clinical psychology, and practices psychotherapy in Seattle. He has worked with dreams for more than twenty-five years, drawing inspiration from the approaches of C. G. Jung, Jung's followers, and from the wisdom about the psyche offered by a variety of cultural traditions. His publications in psychology have focused on dreams, myths, cult survivors, and meditation. Prior to working as a psychotherapist, he was an engineering consultant and researcher in failure analysis, with many publications on vehicle fire safety. This background adds depth, worldly experience, and creativity to his psychology practice. Family life and regular meditation balance the joys and demands of a rich professional life. He brings to his counseling practice an open-minded curiosity, an understanding that our questions lead to new insight and choices, and a respect for the individuals he counsels as being the experts of their own lives.

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